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Qingdao NovelBeam Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, Qingdao. NovelBeam has been adapting and improving optics technology for medical, life science, laser and micro-display projection applications, offering design solutions and rapid R&D prototyping as well as high volume manufacturing with repeatable performance and reliability
NovelBeam constantly innovates on optical processing, high-energy optical coating, LED thermal management, LED driving technology, and customized illumination and imaging system design; holds 20 patents and the number continues growing. The company has built and keeps enhancing the ability of responding to market/customer demand rapidly, and developing/manufacturing ground-breaking products accordingly
NovelBeam has been pursuing the appropriate management mode to accelerate core business. Optical Division is ISO 9001 certified, quality management is well recognized by worldwide customers. Medical Division (O-Mec Technology) is ISO 13485 certified, endoscope has passed the on-site inspection by FDA, Korea MFDS and Brazil INMETRO
Embracing the concept of sustainable development, NovelBeam is dedicated to environmental care, keeps the highest environmental standards in the full cycle of product design, manufacture and delivery. ALL products of NovelBeam are RoHS compliant (2011/65/EU)
Caring for today and tomorrow, NovelBeam has been committed to providing value-added products, continuous improvements, and product safety assurance, to help customers succeed, consumers lead better lives, employees achieve and communities thrive

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